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Upper Continent

Skal'thra Bay is found to the north of the tundra, the waters an icy temperature year round. For those who do not appreciate or tolerate the cold should be wise to avoid taking a swim in the dark depths. The currents in these waters are strong and only the experienced swimmers should be in the waters, though it is more for Leviathans to swim about in these waters for either personal fun or to find missing items that have sunken to the bottom.
The temperate forest that is found near the mountain range is home to quite a few wild creatures that are good for hunting or being mauled by depending on the skill of the hunter. This place is best not to travel through alone because of the dangers and how easy it can be to get lost.
Veh'sadji mountain range is vast and can be treacherous to the inexperienced traveler. There is a Pass that runs through the range which does enable travelers to move through in relative safety, however there will always be dangerous from wild creatures or outlaws.
This land is just north of the mountain range and is covered in snow most of the time but there are plants and grass that do thrive in the cold environment. This makes it a perfect place for the species who like the cold better to live.
Central Continent

Savnaji Plains is a vast grassland that pans off to a desert. It is home to the Capital of the continent and the vast amount of species that reside there. There are rolling hills along with fields of grass that, during sunsets, look as though they've become threads of gold.
Vas'kali Stronmi is a stronghold that only Champions are permitted to enter and reside. There is an ancient magic that prevents those who are not Champions from entering without permission or being escorted by a Champion.
Hav'dakji Desert is wonderful for those who thrive in the heat. There are two parts of this desert land, the normal sandy desert and the barren land that is more of hard dirt. In the middle there is an oasis where a City can be found where species may live. From the oasis there is, indeed, a river that also enables the heat dwellers farmland.
O'efan Coastline lies on the eastern side of the continent and consists of a few various locations such as a forest, cliffs, and a lagoon.
Lower Continent

The isle is home to the kingdom of Teh'rhan. This can be known to be a tropical paradise to those who live there and even to those who chance a visit to the island.
Divos'kajib Ev'frabhi is a swampy land that holds hidden dangers in the marshy water. Different species call this place home though Poison Basilisk are known to live here the most.
Jakfinav Volcano is an extinct volcano that sits in the Lower Continent just south of Divos'kajib Ev'frabhi. There is a tunnel that was formed over eons of erosion that leads into the heart of the volcano. The air within is toxic which makes it inhabitable to species outside of Djinn, Poison Basilisk, and Champions. Within the volcano lies the Djinn kingdom Var'keji.
Raj'nabfi Caverns is located underground and has a vast amount of tunnels, two of which connect to the Djinn kingdom and the marshland. The other tunnels within the underground system can lead to different caverns which all hold their own wonders and dangers within.
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